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tom conrad

September 2012




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9th Sep, 2012

tom conrad

(no subject)

two and a half years.

24th Apr, 2010

tom conrad

(no subject)

So it's been like... 3 months since I've posted. I really don't have anything to say, tbh.

16th Jan, 2010


FIC - One, Two, Buckle My Shoe and Other Stories

Title: One, Two, Buckle My Shoe and Other Stories
Pairings In Order: Brendon/Ryan(PATD/The Young Veins), Tom/Sean(Empires), Pete/Patrick(FOB), Spencer/Jon(PATD/The Young Veins), Gabe/William(Cobra/TAI), Greta&Brendon, friendship, (The Hush Sound/PATD)
Rating: PG-15ish?
Word Count: 611
Disclaimer: I do not own these people, because that is illegal. I do not claim that this is really what happens in their lives.
Summary: A glimpse into 6 different relationships.
Notes: This was started like 4 months ago, I got disenchanted with the idea, and I gave it up. Today I was looking through my WIPs, and here we are. Cross-posted pretty much everywhere. Beta'd by my bb, romasquerade . ilu. <3

Read more...Collapse )

One, two, buckle my shoe.


Brendon buckled the collar around his neck, two fingers of room, and walked over to Ryan. Ryan snapped his fingers and pointed to the ground. The sound reverberated off  the thin hotel walls, and Brendon knelt on the scratchy fabric much like a dog. He pleaded for attention -- for love -- with his eyes. Ryan gave it to him.


Three, four, shut the door.


“Do you ever think that we would ever be together if not for the band?” Tom asked while sitting on the counter across from where Sean was doing dishes.

Sean started drying another plate. “I think that…If we’re meant to be, we’d have found each other.”

“But what…” Tom pauses, sticking out his hand for a plate. He puts it in the cabinet behind him. “What if we’re not meant to be?”

“If we weren’t meant to be,” Sean said, starting on a cup, “I think we would’ve found out by now.

“Okay... do you think we’re meant to be?” Tom asked shyly, sticking his hand out for the cup.

“I think… I think that we are meant to be, yes. I love you, and you love me.” Sean said confidently. He started on another plate.


Sean took a picture that night of a single piece of paper that read: “i will shut the door to all other possibilities, all i need is you.” His hands shook the whole time.


Five, six, pickup sticks.

Pete had decided that he fell too hard, and he loved too fast and he clearly always picked the wrong person because rarely was the person that he fell for actually there to catch him. Which had sucked for Pete at first, until  he found Patrick. Patrick, who was consistently there, every time that Pete had fallen. He was there to pick up the itty bitty, teeny tiny pieces of Pete’s overused heart. He blogged about it in strangled metaphors that even he couldn’t understand, but throughout it all Patrick was there.


Patrick was always there.


Seven, eight, lay them straight.


‘Dude, I’m pretty straight, but you are hot, seriously,’ Spencer said. Jon grinned, finally. ‘Spencer Smith, you are pretty hot too. Wanna make out?’ Spencer nodded, and Jon pulled him forward by the back of his head. Spencer parted his lips and Jon Kissed him just as Ryan walked in though the bus door ‘OH MY GOD. MY EYES. No offense, Jon.’ Spencer flipped him off and Jon threw a pillow at him. Brendon walked in behind Ryan, chuckled, and pulled Ryan back into the bunks. Spencer moaned from the couch, and Ryan shuddered.


Nine, ten, and back again.


‘Finally back on tour with you again, Billvy. What should we do?’ William had a few ideas.


Eleven, twelve, dig and delve.


 “Sometimes… I don’t think this should have happened, this whole… band thing. I could be a teacher, I could have stability. I… I could have a house where I could actually live in, not stay between breaks of touring. Maybe… this wasn’t the… best life for me.” Greta flopped back on her bed and flipped her phone open to speaker phone.

“Greta, oh Greta, my sweetheart. Do you love writing music?” Greta made an affirmative noise.

“Okay, do you love singing?”

“More than anything.”

“Then you are exactly where you want to be.” Brendon said with a satisfied nod that he knew she wouldn’t see.

Greta sighed a little. “I know. It’s just. I don’t know, I miss my cat.”

Brendon giggled. “You’re fine now. Hey, I gotta go babe. I’ll call you when I get off stage, as long as Ryan doesn’t need me.”

“Okay B, love you.”

“Love you too.”

18th Dec, 2009

tom conrad

Long time, No post.

So, it's been a long time since I've posted.
We're out until January... 4th? I think? Idk, someone will tell me. Remind me that I have to go back.
I am harbouring an intense crush on Bradley Cooper at the moment, He speaks French! It the right accent! and he cooks, and he's hot. And he loves to run and hike, and he rescues dogs. And just. He is amazing. And pretty, too.
He's gonna be in this movie:

and it looks so great and LOL. Apparently he's gay, but you can;t tell it from the trailer. I am offended about the fact that there is no fic written about him. Or... if there is, I can't find it. That offends me. But, whatever.
♥ Harbear.

30th Oct, 2009

tom conrad

For real

So, my mother has found a new friend. His name is Christopher Bradshaw, and he's an artist. Here's his website http://christopherbradshaw.net. And he looks like Johnny Depp, like, seriously. No joke. I had to do a double take the first time I met him, because i thought it was actually Johnny Depp, which would be ridiculous, but whatever. A girl can dream.
I had things to say, but I am too tired to remember them. Having the plague is messing up my sleeping schedule. I wake up, I am awake for 5 hours, then I take a nap, then I am awake for like 3 hours, then I take another nap. The only thing this plague is good for right now is using up the tea in the cupboard, and catching up on the all movies I have missed recently, and oh, the last 20 or so years.
We got three months of free movie channels because we didn;t yell at Direct Tv when they fucked up our local channels, I've watched Swing Vote, Same Sex America, Blow Dry, some movie with Morgan freeman that I can;t remember, and some shitty 80's cop movie. I'm sure it has it's redeeming qualities. Oh, and this indie movie with Rupert Grint and Julie Walters which was hilarious, and awesome, and I kind of want to buy it on dvd ngl.
It's been raining for like... a day. I have a feeling that's not all we will see. It will turn into snow soon, though. So that's cool.
'Savvy' doesn't sound right coming out of Johnny's mouth without his pirate slur. Once Upon A Time in Mexico is still an odd movie. And holy shit, Public Enemies was fucking amazing. When does this shit come out on DVD? I want it nowwwwwww. That man has aged well.
Adam's album cover is intentionally hilarious, and campy, and that makes everything okay in the world. I lol's for like 5 minutes when I first saw it, Kris has this normal, stting on a.. bench? bed? picture on the cover of his, and BAM! here comes Adam Fucking Glambert. His hair is literally blue. And his shoulder goes on for EVER. and the stars in the background. And the font! I just. Ugh. Adam Lambert.
To close this lovely blog entry, I leave you with this:

*dies* That is all.

19th Oct, 2009

tom conrad

i will guide you in the night.

Spit the Dark Music Video from empires on Vimeo.

IS it just me, or does this seem like a... farewell video? Maybe it's the song, I don't know. I just. It's a fucking fantastic video, I would watch it for hours, tbh. I love it, holy shit. it's the first montage-of-tour-footage video that I've seen recently that I actually really love. Just. maybe it's just the mood I'm in. I'm sick, and I want to fall asleep but I'm thinking too much, and I can't really breathe without it hurting.

I read a bandom fic for the first time pretty much.. since this summer two days ago, and I read another one today. I'm starting big, with the BBB's that people wrote for this year, none of this pansy-ass 2,000 word shit, no, fucking 45,000 words. It has to be Panic, though. Maybe that's cause I want them to be back together. and it has to be AU, it can't be while-they-were-a-band fic. Idk. Fix this. I listened to AFYSCO, and I still love it. I still can;t listen to Pretty. Odd. Maybe that's just a problem I have with myself. I don't know.

Men and Boys are idiots, and they should all take anti idiot classes, and I wish some boys were gay because they would be so much easier to deal with emotionally and physically if they were.

I kind of feel lie I'm stuck in a rut, I'm not necessarily sad, or depressed, I'm just... not happy. My head hurts and m stomach hurts and my throat hurts, so I am going to lie down, and hopefully fall asleep.

sweet dreams.
♥, me.

11th Oct, 2009

tom conrad

(no subject)

So. Huh. 6 weeks.
And I don't ANYTHING to say.
Fame was pretty awesome.
I'm kinda hungry rn. But that's all I got. :/

EDIT: Adam's gonna be a Glampire. My heart. ♥

28th Aug, 2009

tom conrad



27th Aug, 2009

tom conrad


today was a hell of a day.
Smiley, but then the mask slips.
this happened, but it just made me sadder.
someone make me look like this, please.

not sure what else to say.
let's hope tomorrow will be better.

20th Aug, 2009

tom conrad

leave those naked wounds exposed; tonight we are reborn.

So, I have not posted in yeeeears, yes, I fail at the internet. Whatever. What I really want to talk about is Marmite. Yes, Marmite. If you do not know what it is, you should read this: <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marmite">Link to Wiki</a>. And it's true, you really either love it, or hate it. We found some at our local grocery store in the baking aisle, which, whaaaaaaat, but we bought some. I apparently used to really enjoy it on cheese sandwiches, so I was told. I have not had this stuff since I was 8. This is just. It's so awesome.
I am so happy.

ALSO, I would like to talk about Adam Lambert and Cassidy Haley. But I am not sure what to say about them.

I am proud of Cassidy for getting up to #3 in the Electronic Charts on iTunes. It makes me grin. You should all listen to the song Burn by him, and then watch the video for Whiskey In Churches, because it's pretty much softcore gay porn, with extra teenie a-la-sports-illustrated undies. t is win. Alsoooooo, Mystery larger man, who is wearing what looks like Adam's Jacket, and dances like Adam, or... has an arm that moves like Adam's, shut up. I HEAR YOU LAUGHING AT ME.

Ahem, I give up.

IN other less fandom news, I want to see Fame, but it makes me start singing Bowie whenever I watch the previews. This is win.

Edit: HTML fail, I do not care.

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